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Essay BotsLast Edited: 2/17/2021

Essay Bots are a type of bot on Twitter that automatically reply to people tweeting out "I need this essay done for me." It is unknown who runs them, and most of these are scams.
They usually use hashtags in their tweets to attract people browsing through the hashtag they use.
Most of the time their grammar is not very good, which is because English is not their first language.
Contradicting their grammar, they put their location as United States for an unknown reason, most likely
to make them seem more trustworthy. Average red flags of a bot will include bad grammar, some kind of essay related thing as their profile picture and banner, and replies that are almost instant.

It has been observed that the essay bots usually originate from somewhere in Africa and use stock photos for their profile pictures, usually of a person or something related to writing.
The bots frequently message multiple times if not replied to as fast as they can, which usually causes multiple messages from a bot after an hour. As stated previously, almost none of them
speak English as a first language, which is seen as a MAJOR red flag. When attempting to barter with a bot they will try to bring their prices down, usually not by much though, at times they will flat out act like you have an IQ below a newborn childs.
The bots with websites commonly use some kind of template, usually from Wix, Weebly, or Namecheap. The bots usually have insanely high prices, on average about $10–$30/page
The bots commonly use WhatsApp or WeChat, and have a phone number linked in their bio, usually from a service such as TextNow, when attempting to call any of them it results in going to voicemail.

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